Saturday, 21 February 2009

25 Random stuff about me

1. Loves typing. Can spend time by typing some random articles.

2. Do house chores when depressed.

3. Enjoy eating ice cream night time during winter.

4. Terrified of newspaper.

5. Chooses only Latte when asks for coffee in cafe.

6. Addicted to coke.

7. Strongly believes she’s funny.

8. Reckoned the perfect pass time would be drinking latte in Melbourne CBD cafes while reading novel or magazines.

9. Cannot gamble. Her heart beats too fast for her to handle if she does.

10. Always forgets her real age.

11. Cannot differentiate between sardine and tuna.

12. Loves trying clothes that she just bought and looks in the mirror just for fun.

13. Refuse to believes her favourite colour is Pink, even though she has pink pencil case, pink clothes, pink hole puncher, pink sticky notes, and even pink straws.

14. Splurge on food, Save on clothes

15. Ask ‘why’ a bit too much.

16. Cannot sleep without her bolster.

17. Her bolster has a name- Bao Bao

18. Got lost in Singapore when she was 5 for 2 hours…alone.

19. Had scholarship for 3 years when she got #5 in private school entry test in high school.

20. Never been to karaoke in Malaysia

21. Has undiscovered talent in golf.

22. Always starts her meal by eating veges.

23. Loves window shopping for exercise.

24. Loves to walk in only undies in her house when home alone.

25. Takes pictures of food. Consider taking photography so she could take pictures of food for money.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Update so far

Graduated, had my last so called 'summer holiday' before I start work. Back perth.

So far, attended one wedding. Finish a couple of books. Have THE CAR...not just a car, it's achingly beautiful. Will be starting my new job in a few days. Damn cha stress.

Been to singapore for a week- had a blast there.

Been to Kl and melaka for a week- Had a even bigger blast there.

Conclusion of the day: I love my friends. I miss you guys too.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Snap out of it

.........Cause even strangers will reply you when you talk to them

Snap out of it

.........Cause no one will pity you

Snap out of it

.........Cause he doesn't care.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

It hurts...a lot...

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A long long long.....road trip. Part 1

2 week of holiday is not enough for me to go back tawau. Instead, I went for a road trip. Yes, a long one. 1st Tip of the day: Don't be naive and think you can drive from perth to sydney in 4 days. (Though we did it anyway)

The day started early 7a.m with salmon+pesto baguette at the uni club, rocket fuel latte for the caffeine shot. Off we go to our first destination: Esperance.

Along the way a sweet angel voice guide us to our destination using the 'best' route. The sweet angel's name is 'G.P.S'. It's just weird when we're talking in the car, if she starts saying:"Turn left at 800m." We would both shut up and listen carefully. It seems as though we have to respect her as well while she speaks.

We reach Esperance at about 3p.m....desperate for the loo. Dinner at Loose Goose was quite an experience. It's the most famous so-called-restaurant in Esperance. Food was good. Quite homey. These are the type of food you want when you're super duper cold during winter. Though the menu make us pause a while. See the lame...i mean lambs brains?

Esperance sun rise view is to die for. After a brief cam-whoring session, we're off to our next destination.

We reach the border SA-WA at 3p.m. Wonder what it looks like?
A. A white line in the middle of the road connecting WA and SA
B. You can tell by looking, for example: Green on one side, desert on the other side

Ladies and Gents, this is the BORDER. I know..quite dissapointing right.
So anyway. We continue on with our journey. So you thought since we reach SA, we'll reach Adelaide soon? Guess it again.
Question of the day:
Guess that time we reach Adelaide, when we start driving at 7a.m from Esperance?
Who is able to guess it right without cheating, contact me for award.
Until next time.
Signing off.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Bunburry-Part 1

A few weeks ago ( Kinda long, but I don't have time to post blog till now, my bad), I went to Bunburry for fishing trip. Bunburry is a small town 3 hours drive from perth. *TIP* If you see a red bull (Not the drink, silly), then you're on the right track according to Dr Dunn.

Anyway, the trip started with bad weather, half charged i pod, not a drop of water in the bottle, 1 chocolate croissant and 1 almond croissant. I would say we're pretty bad organisers for road trip but it's ok. After 3 hours of driving, we reached Bunburry safely. We're welcomed with warm hugs by the Dunn family, chops and of course, lots of kisses from Toby. Brian-dad took us to my long awaited fishing trip beside the sea. Even though it's cold and wet due to the rain and wind, I feel warm inside.

I guess everyone starting to wonder why I like fishing. Well, for start I love the sea, and fishing is the best excuse to look at the sea without poeple jumping on you trying to 'save' you from suicide.
End result for the day: Wet, fishy, cold but super duper happy.
Fish:None. A poor crab who got thrown in sea, and someone with red finger. ( It was funny though)
*Moral of the story, don't try to grab crabs with your bare hands.*

The awesome thing is, we even get to see dolphins in the sea. A sign of luck I pressume..

The night ends with awesome dinner, a lot wii-ing. And sleeping with a lot of stuff toys on bed. Continue on part 2 next time.

Signning off,


Sunday, 4 May 2008

My trip

It's been quite a while, I, as editor, haven't update my little column here. A few months, my life is totally changed. For the worst? Or for the best? I will never know.

A rotto trip is what I needed to get myself back to my system. Same old place, same old rain, but it's all different.

I had the same dream over and over again. Singing a song by James blunt, riding bike in rottnest island, just like 2 years ago. Even though it's raining, I was laughing the whole time. Even though it's cold, I'm warm inside.
Pathetic dream, I would say.
A sad blog huh? I wish I could be more entertaining in the next one.