Thursday, 30 August 2007

Dream Comes True for kids

Once again, , Me, 'Jalan jalan, makan makan' is going for a hunt, finding the most special, most delicious yet cheap food for everyone to enjoy. This time, it's some kind of dream comes true for the kid within me.

Ever wonder what is it like to combine:1. Cotton Candy, a.k.a Fairy Floss and 2. Ice cream, a.k.a Icey sweet thing that dentist hates together?? It's called :" ICEY ICE!!".

Located in north bridge of perth. Now the temperature is 10 degrees and time 10.30p.m. Me, a.k.a JJMM is going to get icey ice. Yes, it's a challenge as it is winter in perth proves that JJMM will do anything, risk everything to get the latest info!

After few inspeculation, Green tea icey ice with no toppings tops the charts as the most delicious icey ice in the shop. (except if you're not a green tea fan...or not a ice cream fan...or you're just a dentist)

Introducing: Green tea

Next we have milk icey ice. (Jumbo) ordered by chef kenichi.

According to his professional sense of taste, he say it's tasteless. It's suitable for those who like milk, and miss the taste of ice kacang without kacang and milk. (Basically it's ice...get that?)

However, it's just his opinion. (The above comment is and will not be related to this blog). Try if you want, i's your choice.

Last we have coffee ice. Not bad. The first taste is quite bitter but after that it's a must try for coffee lovers. The point is, it's not really that sweet and has the coffee bitter taste. So quite good.

On Wednesday nite, if you wear full set pyjamas and buy icey ice there, you can get half price. (Dare to take the challenge?)

Before the end, let me just thank the daredevils that company me to eat ice cream when it's rainning, and freezing outside.....

A.C, K.Y and H. Don forget my special G and A. Of coz, and my dear chef Kenichi.

Editor's comment:Due to the wireless service provided, Mr H suggested they all bring pyjamas(to get half price), 7 o clock go and sit there..till nite. doing what? DOTA. ( nearly fainted...)

Signing off,

Jalan jalan makan makan.

**Random thought: Miss those days too...**


Anonymous said...

G: which mean i need to purchase a full set of pyjamas soon.. if not i got to pay for full prices :(

nick said...

hahaha wad a challenge. Wearing pyjamas and get a 50% off there :)

The biggest challenge for us in the winter is:

-wear a singlet and short pants/boxer and go out there doing chicken-dance ! Shiok until u forgot wads ur name cuz u r unconcious by then XD

Siu Siang said...

*Yum!! post one for me eh~ :p