Saturday, 21 February 2009

25 Random stuff about me

1. Loves typing. Can spend time by typing some random articles.

2. Do house chores when depressed.

3. Enjoy eating ice cream night time during winter.

4. Terrified of newspaper.

5. Chooses only Latte when asks for coffee in cafe.

6. Addicted to coke.

7. Strongly believes she’s funny.

8. Reckoned the perfect pass time would be drinking latte in Melbourne CBD cafes while reading novel or magazines.

9. Cannot gamble. Her heart beats too fast for her to handle if she does.

10. Always forgets her real age.

11. Cannot differentiate between sardine and tuna.

12. Loves trying clothes that she just bought and looks in the mirror just for fun.

13. Refuse to believes her favourite colour is Pink, even though she has pink pencil case, pink clothes, pink hole puncher, pink sticky notes, and even pink straws.

14. Splurge on food, Save on clothes

15. Ask ‘why’ a bit too much.

16. Cannot sleep without her bolster.

17. Her bolster has a name- Bao Bao

18. Got lost in Singapore when she was 5 for 2 hours…alone.

19. Had scholarship for 3 years when she got #5 in private school entry test in high school.

20. Never been to karaoke in Malaysia

21. Has undiscovered talent in golf.

22. Always starts her meal by eating veges.

23. Loves window shopping for exercise.

24. Loves to walk in only undies in her house when home alone.

25. Takes pictures of food. Consider taking photography so she could take pictures of food for money.


Stellix said...

no 3.... is crazy

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