Monday, 3 December 2007

I'm Back

This entry is dedicated to 'someone' who said in middle of the nite:" Editor, i've been visiting your blog everyday, but you still haven't update it yet, i think i'm gonna stop going to your blog" (You know who you are...)
Again, Jalan jalan makan makan is gonna introduce food. Today we come to the 'han nan chicken rice'. I know..nothing special rite? But have you see 'triangle rice han nan chicken rice' before?? I bet you didn't~~ See this lah!

Anyway, was with 2 wolves hunt for food today. We initially want to go to mongolian chicken rice.'s closed..again~ TOo bad. So we came to the han nan chicken rice shop eat. Not bad. I guess every malaysia also eat han nan chicken rice. It's like custom or something.

The three musketeers' meals. (One soup is missing...)

The rice looks cute rite?? Triangle shape. I have no idea why. but it's cute.

Oh well. As usual, it taste good. And i'm satisfied. We will..on the hunt for more!!!!

Signning off

Editor's comment: Please stay tune for the special sweet blog specially dedicated for those who are buddies with editors for the past sem.

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aaron said...

hey!! i want triangle hainan chicken rice!! bring me go!!