Thursday, 13 December 2007

You guys rock

I, the editor, consider year 2007 a good year. This is because knowing you guys. Yes..the lawson street gang (or those near lawson street). Lawson street is my second home...

Here, I dedicate this blog entry for 'honouring' those special moments I had, and people i care in 2007.

The beginning

Araluen trip. & St Cats ball

Best Kangaroo in the world

we spend 97% time eating...

.................................3% gambling

We still embrace chinese culture even though we're in perth

Haris..u think you're boss ah?

Most fun ...

...& hardest day in 2007

How can we forget the birthdays?

There are still a lot of pics I want to put...but..due to time and space constraint...Please bare with me.

Last but now least..let me say:I never expect i will meet friends in perth. I didn't. ....But i meet you family.

Miss you bunch.

Remember me always, cause i never will forget you guys.

Signning off,



CresceNet said...

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aaron said...

u r darn right...we rock! haha