Sunday, 27 January 2008

I've been tagged

Thanks to my new friend ‘EU JO’, (Yeah..thanks a lot) I am required to do this.

List out the Top 5 Presents you wish for:
A House
An all expense paid trip to Euro
A better lappy
A bowl of jumbo green tea icey ice
A very good lip balm

Person who tagged you is: Eu Jo… “NICE” meeting you…

Your 5 impressions of him/her: Quiet, smart, cool, shy(??!??), Indoorsy

Most memorable things he/she has done for you: Er…I barely know him. But he’s sweet enough to remember me in his blog. And he’s the one who teaches me about catholics!

The most memorable words he/she said to you:
I know Cantonese…I just don’t know Mandarin.

If he/she becomes your lover, you will:
Poor Eu jo…

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:
He’s a good teacher…and we have to compete to survive in the cruel world of teaching!

Pass the quiz to 10 people that you wish to know how they feel about you:

1. Aaron Ang
2. Amos Liang
3. DD
4. Jia Lih
5. Chai chai
6. Siao Ben
7. Crayn
8. Mehng Mehng
9. Haris san
10. Nicholas

Who is no.7 having a relationship with?
Tay-er…I don’t know?

Who is no. 9 having a relationship with?
Some Indo girl back in indo selling bak kut the

If no.9 and no.1 are together, will it be a good thing?
Aaron and Haris? - *vomit*

What about no. 1 and no. 5?
Aaron and Chai chai- Nah…

What is no.3 studying?
DD- I think he graduated??

When was the last time you chatted with no.6?
Siao Ben-Friday. The first sentence is from him: “ SIENZ”

Does no.4 work?
Jia Lih- Not sure

Does no.8 have any cousin(s) in his/her school?
Mehng Mehng-Don’t know.

Will you woo no.8?
Mehng Mehng- If I’m a guy I probably would..

How about no.5?
Chai Chai- My lesbian mate? We’ve already hooked up ages ago

Does no.2 have any siblings?
Amos- YUP. 2 sisters, Ester and Melissa

How did you get to know about no.3?
DD-From the dota group

Jia Lih- Classmates in high school

Where does no.1 live at?

How did you get to know no.2?
Amos- Church

Is no.5 the sexiest person in the world?
Chai chai- She is a rock star!


Siu Siang said...


But I like the last one!!!


what is rock star btw???


Joseph Daniel Wong Eu Jo said...


* * * said...

hi dear. im sorry if im not doing ur questionarre! wouldnt mind if that's just an inquiry about me though!

enjoy the rest of ur day!

小本 said...

heeyyyy!!!!!!update update!!!