Sunday, 10 February 2008

Happy Chinese New Year lame brains

Happy Chinese New Year for every Chinese out there. For those who are not Chinese….go back to work/study. It’s none of your business. (Nah nah nah…*being smug*) Why we need Chinese new year? Well…for me, it’s just one good excuse to spoil myself with candies and soft drinks…what about you?? Some might say for the ang pau ( I don’t blame you bunch of gold diggers); let me know.

There are many ‘customs’ we need to follow during lunar new year. Here are some of the customs in my family, and rules that Editor, me…follows.

Top 10 Chinese New Year customs ONLY for me

10. No sweeping? My mum says: “ We sweep every single day..I don’t want my house to look and feel like garbage can during Chinese new year”. (She has her point)

9. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yes…so important that we get proper meals like rice, dishes, soup meals for the first 3 days of Chinese new year. My grandma: “ It’s the only time we get to see everyone…” Cause afterwards we are on the hunt for ang pao.

8. Never..I say...NEVER go to cafes+yum cha. Not only you get to charge double for the same old stuff you get everyday. It's like war out there. At one point I remember I only get one dish of dim sum for the 1 hour sitting in the cafe!!!

7. I don't care what other people wear. Yup. I really don't give a damn. For those who dresses chun li ( the street fighter character...Trust me..I saw one who literally dresses up like one). Please...just go in front of mirror and take a look at yourself. I don't mind if you want to be pretty for chinese new year, the best looking you can be...not be someone who you are not.

6. I will wear black if I feel like it. I know...It's bad luck to wear black-according to chinese customs. But, imagine a room filled with people who wear red. It's like in H*LL. So, unless I'm wearing black, with a broom and a black cat. Just leave me alone in my own little world.

5. NO MORE NEW YEAR SONGS PLEASE!! Arrggh..I can't take it....

4. Why Mandarin? Have you wonder why when you go in someone's house, seeing those grown ups having mandarins? Anyone can tell me why? Is it a trend?

3. For girls only- NO BIG BAG. Do not bring a overly huge bag when you go friends house. There's only 2 really bad reasons you're doing that. 1st, you're giving signs that you're a gold digger, hunting for ang pao. 2nd, you were trying to steal those candies on the table.

2. For guys only- No ugly japanese flip-flops. I don't care if you feel comfortable, you look like an idiot. Pay some respect.

1. Hola for those who 'invented' 15 days of chinese new year. We get to celebrate 15 days...not just one...muahaha~~


Anonymous said...

hahhaaa (cannot tahan).. your blog is so funny... yayyaa every house will have different kind og chinese new year customs.. some customs from ur blog i didn't hear before... hahaha.. so this year do u manage to get alot ang pow? n i think u eat alot candies n can drinks rite... hehe.. take care ya will keep in touch wth u sweetie..

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