Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Bunburry-Part 1

A few weeks ago ( Kinda long, but I don't have time to post blog till now, my bad), I went to Bunburry for fishing trip. Bunburry is a small town 3 hours drive from perth. *TIP* If you see a red bull (Not the drink, silly), then you're on the right track according to Dr Dunn.

Anyway, the trip started with bad weather, half charged i pod, not a drop of water in the bottle, 1 chocolate croissant and 1 almond croissant. I would say we're pretty bad organisers for road trip but it's ok. After 3 hours of driving, we reached Bunburry safely. We're welcomed with warm hugs by the Dunn family, chops and of course, lots of kisses from Toby. Brian-dad took us to my long awaited fishing trip beside the sea. Even though it's cold and wet due to the rain and wind, I feel warm inside.

I guess everyone starting to wonder why I like fishing. Well, for start I love the sea, and fishing is the best excuse to look at the sea without poeple jumping on you trying to 'save' you from suicide.
End result for the day: Wet, fishy, cold but super duper happy.
Fish:None. A poor crab who got thrown in sea, and someone with red finger. ( It was funny though)
*Moral of the story, don't try to grab crabs with your bare hands.*

The awesome thing is, we even get to see dolphins in the sea. A sign of luck I pressume..

The night ends with awesome dinner, a lot wii-ing. And sleeping with a lot of stuff toys on bed. Continue on part 2 next time.

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