Sunday, 4 May 2008

My trip

It's been quite a while, I, as editor, haven't update my little column here. A few months, my life is totally changed. For the worst? Or for the best? I will never know.

A rotto trip is what I needed to get myself back to my system. Same old place, same old rain, but it's all different.

I had the same dream over and over again. Singing a song by James blunt, riding bike in rottnest island, just like 2 years ago. Even though it's raining, I was laughing the whole time. Even though it's cold, I'm warm inside.
Pathetic dream, I would say.
A sad blog huh? I wish I could be more entertaining in the next one.


Crayn Tay said...


-本-王子 said...

finally u hv update

Anonymous said...

hey..... sweetie finally u update ur blog.... see i always look for your latest.... remember anything happen my friendship for you will never end. trust me k... love Ginny

nick said...

Finally u updated your blog. Why you sounds so sad ! Cheerios, life must go on !