Monday, 25 June 2007

Balik Kampung

Hi Everyone, it's me, Editor in charge, first time in charge of writing an article about a special introduction of 'Balik kampung-know about Tawau'. For those who already know from tawau, please correct me if i'm wrong in this article; For those who thinks i'm from sarawak...especially H****, (u know who u are), this is the time u know more about where editor from, and where chef kenichi grow up.

Tawau. (pronouced: Dau-wao) is a small small place from south east coast of Sabah, Malaysia.

In coming episodes, the whole crew are going to explore and bring you more about our trip back to hometown. Topics including food, places and things to 'do' in tawau. For those who are from tawau, please give me some ideas where to explore and what food should i be introducing.

TUne in for more. Anyway, breakfast for first day in tawau:

Brewed fish meat from Bo Loi chinese shop, Niiiiiicccccceeeeee.....

And 'gan lao sui jiao' (soy sauce+dumpling)

Lastly, yes..i eat a lot..

'Gan lao mien' (self explanatory)
Riddle of the day (You'll know this if you're from tawau)

What is the most popular thing in Tawau?

..........No Electricity current..... (Anyone from tawau fainted already?)

Signing off,



siaoben said...

haha..i find tht u really like to write about recipe ^^ thts nice,when i got the chance to taste it?

Jenna said... chance de~ ^^

nick said...

@_@" waaa yummy food man. But I don't really like that "gan lao" noodles from poh lai !

Maybe SMSC are way better than them bah XD SMSC's canteen rocks~

Jenna said...

sure ^^ i'll explore smsc..sooner or later.

Siu Siang said...

I want to eat too! haha, ur blog on food though give me an inspiration to write my own blog. check it up :p

Crayn Tay said...