Tuesday, 12 June 2007

French Onion cream cheese+ Rice cake

Welcome to out first episode of Food of the day. Reporting live from Kenny's house, this is reporter 'Jalan jalan, makan makan'.

Eating Method: 1. Spread cream cheese on 1 slice of rice cake. And Eat ( as below : reading from left to right, up to bottom)

p/s: Suitable only for those who wants to be on diet, since it's "97% fat free". For those whose stomach only meant for 'junk food'. Please tune in for next time.


Taste: Cream cheese on top of crispy rice cake with a hint of french onion. Basically tasteless and not filling. Designed for 'dietiers' who wants to join the 'healthy' club but just can't fight the crave for having snacks.
Until next time. 'Jalan-jalan, makan makan' signing off.
Editor's comment: Reporter 'jalan jalan, makan makan' has been fired due to the stupidity and lack sense of common by posting the above episode as first episode. We'll find another reporter...soon...hopefully if the blog still on.


nick said...

Ahahaam good one. I never try out rice cakes with french onion cream on it. Guess its like abit salty, em another kind of healthy food under Jenna's brand !

Keep the ball rolling :)

Stellix said...

oi oi
my name is haris not harris ok

Amos said...

lookx delicious...but i believe tht wont taste good...considering the 90% fat free...yikes...not my thing!

38 G said...

so do u hire a new reporter????? keep ur recipe on.... can't wait to c, hehe

Jenna said...

Wah..why you use '38 g' o...

Crayn Tay said...

wat is rice cake?

Beulah said...

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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