Wednesday, 13 June 2007

What if the MOON is GONE?

Hi, and welcome to special edition "what if the moon is gone" by Doctor Hawker. This programme is usually about the pro & cons, opinion bullshit section.

Yes, ladies and gentleman. The moon is officially 'history'. That means, its existance is not here anymore. Before we start our discussion, let's spend 3 seconds in silence, remember the moment we had with 'moon'. 1...2...3..

The following website is the breaking news

So, what are the consequences if the moon is gone?

1. I guess the most affected ones are one specific religion, aka 'RELIGION OF THE YEAR' (related to the word b*mb) . They will no longer have new year. No puasa (fasting). Good for chinese tauke who wants to abuse their workers by working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year earning money. Bad for THEM who want to have holiday, especially for school kids.

2. Mooncake festivals will no longer have the meaning. As for next generations, they don't even know what moon is.(Maybe they should make suncake or something...)

3. What's the use of telescope without moon? Stars? That's just boring...

4. Last, but not least, everyone would have to, from now on...WALK REALLY CAREFULLY CARRYING TORCH LIGHT. If not you will break your nose when you walk at night.(except if you stay in city)

Think about it. Signing off, Dr Hawker.

Editor's comment:As quoted by a friend, "North Korea just made their public enemy, #$*$)& them." (Above quotes is not in any way related to our parts)

Don't worry, it's a hoax if you haven't notice it yet. You're just wasting time reading this. You're being punk'd.

Enjoy moon while you still can...


nick said...

aiyo its actually a hoax. Then we all kena tipu by this so call "yahoo breaking news" webby, which i think they have made some mistakes there. The icons can't even work well with the function where it suppose to have

Amos said...

duhh...i've just been punk'd....
btw, the suncake thing really makes me laugh...wht's tht!