Thursday, 20 September 2007

Favourite dessert of the day-KK

Me, Editor, recently got a special souvenier by 'mua' bro, a lovely box of 24 Krispy Kreme...(After several pressure putting and nagging..) from melbourne.

I would say, it's the best souvenier yet from my bro.

Every afternoon, i would have 1/2 hour of KK time. Where i get a cup of tea, sit down and have 2 doughnuts. What a life~~!!

A bit sweet for my taste, but the texture is superb. It's soft but not too soft, and when u take the bite, it will just melt away in your mouth. (M&Ms-melt in your mouth, not in your hands) Thanks to Mr A, we have a small demonstration the sacrifice needed to be make to eat the doughnut-being photographed. Thanks Mr A.

Yeah...the reason to write this is just brag about it. And yes, if you're going to melbourne, or jakarta, or sydney, or america...bring me a box. Thanks...


Signning off,

Insane Editor with doughnuts

My comment:Mr A nearly ate the whole plate...Beware...


Anonymous said...

yea, KK taste Good!
thks for sharing the info and giving out 1 of your precious KK to me. :-)
it is sweet but not too sweet, it is soft and yet not too soft. it is the best doughnut i had in WA since i came, although i only tried 3 different shops. kakaka!
from lookin at the picture, Mr.A already tells that the doughnut is freaking delicious, coz his month is opennin widely and cant wait to take a bite on the doughnut. hahaha!

Anonymous said...

it is stupidgoat that leave the msg previously. not familiar with blog thing. kakaka!
oh well. CHEERS~!

Crayn Tay said...


Jenna said...

Back in december ^^

Crayn Tay said...

then can i get ur schedule??

aaron said...

what the!!!! haha