Monday, 17 September 2007

Techonology at its best

Halo again to Jalan jalan makan makan exploring new food section. Today i'm going to introduce you the easiest way to make nice cup of coffee.

Until recently when me, JJMM went for a trip i only realize there are tons of convenience stuff you can get whe you go camping. One thing i found is Cofee+Milk+Sugar in pack.

On top is the normal condensed milk in tube. The bottom one is Coffee and Milk .
By only adding boiling milk. You can get coffee... i love techonology...
Signing off
Editor's comment: There's instant coffee package where you can get in supermarket. Water is not even needed. So this is not certified the easiest way, JJMM.


Crazybanana said...

Cool!! But i would like to have Milk Tea, I don't like coffee. Man... the 1st look make me think its a toothpaste, if i brush with this, all my teeth sure gone in no time.
WEI~~~ If u c Milk Tea pack, u know what to do la?

Crayn Tay said...

i prefer lemon coffee please..